Mustard Oil Cake Powder Natural Fertilizer for Plant Growth and Healthy Roots



  • Reliable Fertilizer- This is a quality mustard oil cake powder that provides healthy nutrients and care for the soil.
  • Nitrogenous Manure- This is nitrogenous manure. It enables healthy conditions for the plants to absorb sufficient supply of carbonic acid from the atmosphere.
  • Natural Colour and Texture- It has a natural colour and texture since it consists of no added chemicals. It is made of natural and organic ingredients.
  • Only for Gardening Purpose- The manure is suitable for gardening purpose only. Using it as a bird or animal feed is not recommended.
  • Quantity and Quality- Each packet of mustard oil cake manure weights 900 grams, 2 Pack of 900 gm, 5 kg, 10 kg. It is rich in minerals and is tested for its quality.