Microgreens Organic Potting Soil, Grow Microgreens in Kitchen Garden, Terrace Garden



Casa De Amor offers a complete range of natural and organic Microgreens Potting soil amendments and potting mixes. We are a research-based organization that is 100% committed to organic, natural and clean ways of growing.

  • Casa De Amor Microgreens Potting Soil – 100% Organic
  • Use Casa De Amor Microgreens Potting Soil to grow healthy Microgreens
  • Maintains good aeration and drainage
  • Better rate of Seed Germination
  • Healthy Microgreens
  • Grow Organic Microgreens
  • Light and Sterile Medium – Free from Soil-Borne Diseases. High in Soil Aeration
  • Suitable for Germination & Microgreen Growing, and Windowsill Cultivation