Casa De Amor Root Care VAM Mycorrhiza Organic Plant Fertilizer and Root Growth Booster (900 gm)



  • Promotes Plant Growth by making Roots 10 times stronger
  • Improved soil texture & structure with reduced soil erosion
  • Secondary disease controlling agent and enhanced resistance to root related diseases
  • Increase resistance against drought, salinity, heavy metal and other abiotic stresses
  • Enhanced Uptake of Nutrients and water
  • Profuse root development
  • More tillering
  • Better Soil Texture
  • Increased nutrient & water uptake
  • Better Seeding establishment
  • Alleviation of stress tolerance
  • Higher yield and better quality produce

CORPS RECOMMENDED : Paddy, Sugarcane, Wheat, Oil Seed & Pulses, Onion, Potato, Grapes, Chilli, Soyabean, Apple, Citrus, Cotton, Maize and Vegetables.