Casa De Amor Poly Grow Bags, Best for Kitchen Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Balcony Gardens (10)

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LARGE & BEST POLY GROW BAGS, UV Treated, 100% Virgin Polyethyene Material – Thick, Durable, Portable and Last Longer, Perfect for Terrace, Balcony, Any Small Space, Professional Looking White Outiside, Black Inside, 10 bags.

  • Thick, Durable and UV treated grow Bag for Longer life in hot and cold weather.
  • Suitable for growing all types of Vegetable, fruits and flower plants.
  • Color : Innerside Black to prevent sunlight to fall directly on the roots; Outside White to reflect the sunlight.
  • Ideal for Terrace / Balcony Garden
  • Size : 24 x 24 x 40 Cms. Total 10 Bags.
  • Size is suitable for all types of vegetable and flower plants: like tomatoes, bitter gourd, brinjal, capsicum, bottle gourd, spinach, coriander, etc.
  • Plants are  not included.