Casa De Amor Pebbles Polished Glossy Home Decorative Vase Fillers Stone White



  • Beautiful Glossy White Pebbles
  • Good for decorating planters, pots, vases, landscaping
  • Gives an aesthetic and zen like peaceful touch to your home and office
  • Weight 5 Kg

Casa De Amor Pebbles in the garden serve color and new texture, fulfill your empty space and convert such as a decorative garden. provide a pretty ground to cover the soil and add the pebbles in your landscape path with decorative border, add these colorful Frabjous decor pebbles in you home because colors always make a reason of joy and provide you peaceful environment each and every morning.

Benefits of Pebbles

  • Beautiful Glossy White Pebbles.
  • Good for decorating planters, pots, vases, landscaping.
  • Gives an aesthetic and zen like peaceful touch to your home and office.
  • Pebbles are the perfect accents for candles, vases, bowls, craft projects, floral arrangements.
  • Ideal for decorating your lawn also.

Laying down mulch is increasingly popular in India. Stone pebbles make for an excellent top layer in any long-term mulching bed. As with any mulching bed, a pebble-topped example will trap moisture and allow soil to retain its basic nutrients, such as nitrogen. Bear in mind that using white stone pebbles does tend to increase the temperature of mulching beds; stick with lighter colors around delicate plants.

Decorative mosaics

If you’d like to indulge your artistic side, imported stone pebbles make the perfect raw materials for designing your own mosaics. These can be accent pieces appearing anywhere in your garden or integral parts of a paving plan. By varying the size & color of individual stones, you can create arresting and beautiful designs and patterns. Your imagination is the only real limit to the possibilities.