Casa De Amor Organic Seed Starter Mix for Better Germination Fast Growth and Health of Seedlings



  • 100% Organic, Eco-friendly, Suitable for all types of seeds and cuttings
  • Casa De Amor provides 100% Quality Guarantee, all products made by Expert Agri-Scientists

Benefits of Seed Starter

  • Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties.
  • Provides very conducive medium for the seeds and seedlings to grow fast and healthy.
  • Use when starting from seed and with leaf, stem or root cuttings.
  • Organic, suitable for all types of seeds and cuttings.

Strong, growth and Happy seedlings

Organic seeds starter mix by Casa De Amor is organic, rich and blend of natural ingredients. Our Seed Starter uses a soil-less recipe, so it’s beautifully light and fluffy and will promote good, strong growth and happy seedlings.

Casa De Amor Seed Starter Lightweight and well-drained Media

Casa De Amor Seed Starter to grow into a healthy seedling, the best seeding mix is a lightweight and well-drained soil that has a balanced mixture of organic materials like vermiculite or perlite. The soil mix should also have excellent aeration and water retention properties so that the seed’s root can push through and have room to grow.

Use Seed Starter for Vegetable seeds

Casa De Amor Seed Starter provides long term protection to the plant, similar to vaccination, against several diseases. Organic seed starter mix is suitable for vegetable seeds. It can use for Vegetables that may yield more than one crop per season include beans, beets, carrots, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes, rutabagas, spinach, and turnips etc.

Use Seed Starter for beautiful flower Seeds

Casa De Amor Seed Starter Ready to grow big, beautiful in-ground flowers. Enriched with our continuous release plant food. Organic Seed Starter mix is suitable for Ornamental flower seeds and for other ornamental plant seeds and cuttings.


Fill Casa De Amor Seed Starter in your nursery tray or pot & sow the seed in it. Regularly spray water on it to keep some moisture. Seeds will grow in 5-10 days, aftertowards transplant in the soil.