Casa De Amor Eco-Friendly Cow Dung Pots (Set of 7)

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Casa De Amor has developed eco friendly pot by using cow dung, which is completely biodegradable. The innovation lies in the idea and achieving optimum of cow dung, used to make it sturdy and resistant to pest.

What is sustainability?

Looking out for future generations by making thoughtful decisions today about our resources: land, water, air. Manure is not a waste product on our farm, it’s a valuable resource that can benefit our farm and our city cousins when planted in their gardens.


Change starts with a single pot. Cow Dung Pots are the eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to plastic waste. It’s the natural choice for seed starting or transplants that results in zero waste.


 Our cows’ manure is first digested, providing bio gas to the farm. After providing energy value, the manure is delivered to the CowPots factory to be formed into pots.

Improve Soil Health

From our farm fields to your garden beds, our food system and environment depend on building healthy soils that can support a growing population.


  • It is bio-degradable, fertile and the manufacturing process does not cause pollution.
  • Water absorption rate by the pot is very slow and therefore prevents leaching of nutrients.
  • The growth of the plant is faster in cow dung pot than other / normal pots.
  • This can be also used for sowing costly seeds directly in the field to get maximum germination and growth of the plants / saplings.
  • Employment generation through local manufacturing and sourcing of these cow dung cups.