Casa De Amor Decorative Tiny Pebbles White Marbles vase Fillers for Home Decoration, Garden and Fish Aquarium



Casa De Amor Beautiful Glossy White Tiny Pebbles. Good For Decorating Planters, Pots, Vases, Landscaping. Gives An Aesthetic And Zen Like Peaceful Touch To Your Home And Office.

Warm-toned pebbles are the perfect accents for candles, vases, floral arrangements, fountains, and more! Also great for use in craft projects. Plus, earthy tones match most any decor.Use decorative pebbles as a feature in exterior landscapes, in planters and in all creative interior and exterior design.

  • Material: Stone, Color: Whitte, Finish: Glossy
  • Pebbles size: 1.5 to 1.8 cm
  • Shape: Assymetric
  • Pebbles are the perfect accents for candles, vases, bowls, craft projects, floral arrangements, fountains and more
  • Ideal for decorating your Garden, Aquarium, lawn also
  • Garden beach stone, decorative river rock stones – stones use in glassware, home garden decoration, party favors, home decorations