Casa De Amor Cottonseed Meal Organic Fertilizer for Proper Plant Growth and Health



Casa De Amor Cottonseed Meal is an excellent source of slow-release Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, and numerous trace elements. Cottonseed Meal improves the soil’s texture, helps build humic acid needed for proper plant growth and health. It loosens packed soil and helps give substance to light and sandy soils, aiding in water retention and also protecting the soil from rapid erosion.

  • Pure CottonSeed Meal
  • Source of Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Excellent Source of Phosphorus and Potash
  • Many other Trace Minerals
  • Perfect for Acid Loving Plants
  • A source of long lasting, natural organic nutrients.
  • Derived from the ground up seed of the cotton plant
  • Nutrients in Cottonseed Meal are released slowly and it is non-burning and safe to use on both new transplants and existing plants.
  • Cottonseed Meal is naturally acidifying in the soil and is recommended for use when acidifying soils and feeding plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, blueberries and other plants that prefer acidic soil conditions.
  • In the vegetable garden it is also useful for slow growing root crops.
  • Cottonseed Meal is an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and numerous trace elements.