Casa De Amor Combo Pack-Organic Rose Care (900 gm)+Organic Lawn Booster (900 gm)

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Casa De Amor Organic Complete Rose Plant Care (900g, Brown)

Casa De Amor rose care fertilizer is organic which provides complete care to all variants of rose plants and have long lasting effects. Boosts branching and flowering and keeps the rose plants greener and healthier.


  • Beneficial Soil Microbes to Increase fertility.
  • Bigger Size of Flowers.
  • Boosts Branching and Flowering.
  • Complete Organic Fertilizer of Rose Plant.
  • Organic Rose Care.
  • Bioagents to Boost plant Immunity.
  • Balanced nutrition for all indoor and outdoor roses.
  • Promotes vibrant, beautiful roses and strong root growth.
  • Natural Elements that boost plant growth and increase flowering.


    • When topping up soil for potted plant, apply 40-50 gm before watering the plant during early morning or late evening. Water the plants immediately after the application. Apply the product every 2 weeks.
    • Please do not spray or use any ‘chemical fungicide or antibiotic’ 10 days before or after application of Rose Care.

Casa De Amor Organic Lawn Booster, 900gm

  • Package Contents: 1 – Piece 900 gm Organic Lawn Booster Material
  • Organic lawn fertilizer, suitable for max 50 sq feet of lawn, sprinkle ‘lawn booster’ in dry form over your lawn and irrigate amply immediately, ensure ‘no runoff’ of fertilizer with water flow
  • Provides all major and micro nutrients to your lawn
  • Promotes uniform lush green lawn growth, removes brown patches
  • Improves growth of soft supple green lawn


Casa De Amor Lawn Booster 900 gm Suitable For Maximum 50 Sq Feet Of Lawn. Sprinkle ‘Lawn Care’ In Dry Form Over Your Lawn And Irrigate Amply Immediately, Ensure ‘No Runoff’ Of Fertilizer With Water Flow.