Casa De Amor Bloom Care 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizer



  • 100% Natural & Organic, Enhances plant growth.
  • Rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium.Provides essential micro, macro and trace nutrients.
  • Protects from pests and diseases.Improves flowering and maximizes fruit formation.
  • Slowly releases nutrients for almost a month keeping the soil nourished
  • Suitable for terrace garden, balcony garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers

Casa De Amor Bloom Care contains high level of organic fertilizer’s active ingredient which Protects the roots of crops from Nematodes, termites, fungi, bacteria & other soil-borne insects. Casa De Amor Natural & Organic Growth Plant food is A Unique Combination Of Organic Plant Inputs Derived From Potash Ash From Molasses, Poultry Manure, Press Mud Manure, Humic – Fulvic Acid, Biofertilizers And A Consortia Of Beneficial Microbes. It Is An Ideal Plant Food For Organic Farming.