Casa De Amor Adenium Potting Soil Organic Ready to Use



  • 100% Organic and Eco-friendly
  • Research Based Formula for ADENIUM plants
  • Enriched with beneficial microbes
  • Provides Nutrients, Absorbs and Retains moisture in a healthy way
  • No Need to add any soil, compost etc, it is ready to use

Benefits of Adenium Potting Soil

  • Ready to use.
  • Maintains good health and growth of the Adenium plants, contains all essential nutrients.
  • You could mix a bunch of potting soil ahead of time and store it for later use.
  • Maintains good aeration and drainage.
  • Adenium plants have different need than normal plants,this potting soil takes careof all those needs

Benefit of keeping Adenium as houseplant

  • In general, Adenium is widely developed because it has attractive tree shapes and bonsai shapes. Adenium is a very beautiful plant.
  • Adenium has the benefit of being a native that is long-flowering, colourful, drought tolerant, low in its water demand and easy to look after. In fact, the main problem that most gardeners have when they first get one is overwatering. This can be avoided by growing the desert rose as a container plant and by keeping it in full sun. It thrives in both conditions. Desert rose is sometimes planted as a live fence and the wood is sometimes used as fuel.

Casa De Amor Organic Adenium Potting Soil


A carefully balanced Soil of expertly composted natural materials that contains high nutrients and abundant beneficial microbes.


This premium Bonsai Potting Soil is organic. It is teeming with beneficial soil life. So there is no risk of health hazards.


Casa De Amor Adenium Soil have been scientifically developed and tested to include precisely the nutrient blend which is most beneficial for each types of Adenium Plant. For Adenium, this means a blend that brings rich year-round growth, vibrant needles, and a long happy lifespan. Specially formulated as an all-purpose potting medium for virtually any Adenium Plants.